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Cyber attacks come in many forms, such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, website defacement and unauthorized access to systems. These are committed by a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations such as Fraudsters, terrorist groups and even thrill seekers. A national CERT|CC (Computer Emergency Readiness Team | Co-ordination Center) acts as the focal point for Cyber security for a nation. It is the single trusted source of advice about the latest threats and vulnerabilities affecting computer systems and networks, and a source of expertise to assist the nation, in responding to and recovering from Cyber attacks.

In anticipation of increased cyber security incidents as Sri Lanka's IT infrastructure grows, Sri Lanka CERT|CC was established as Sri Lanka's National CERT, by the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) in year 2006. It is registered as a Private Limited Liability Company, and since August 2018 it is directly under the Ministry of Technology of Sri Lanka.

We are mandated to protect our Constituency, both by reacting to attacks and by proactively strengthening security against potential attacks.



"To be Sri Lanka's flagship organization and trusted source of advice on threats and vulnerabilities to Information Systems through proactive prevention and effective action."



To be the single and the most trusted point of contact for Information Security in Sri Lanka


To protect Information Technology users in the Public and Private Sector Organizations and the General Public by providing up-to-date information on potential threats and vulnerabilities and by undertaking computer emergency response handling services

To Act as the most authoritative national source for all ICT security related issues across the nation

Link with other CERTS and CSIRTS around the world to share the knowledge and know-how relating to Information Security


About Sri Lanka CERT|CC

Q: What is Sri Lanka CERT|CC?
Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team | Coordination Centre (Sri Lanka CERT) is the single trusted source of advice about the latest threats and vulnerabilities affecting computer systems and networks, and a source of expertise to assist the nation and member organizations, in responding to and recovering from Cyber attacks. It was set up in June 2006, in collaboration with the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka.

Q: Who runs Sri Lanka CERT|CC?
Sri Lanka CERT|CC is wholly owned by the Government of Sri Lanka and it's under the Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka.

Q: How can I contact Sri Lanka CERT|CC?
Room 4-112, BMICH, Bauddhaloka Mawatha,
Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94 11 2691 692; +94 11 2679 888
Fax: +94 11 2691 064


Sri Lanka CERT|CC Services

Q: What are the services provided by Sri Lanka CERT|CC?
Sri Lanka CERT|CC provides four types of services to its constituency. They are responsive services, awareness services, research and policy development and consultancy services. The responsive services include incident handling and digital forensics while awareness services include the provision of a technology watch, providing cyber security threat alerts, conducting seminars & workshops and providing a knowledgebase on our website. Assisting government and private sector organizations to develop their information security policy is coming under research and policy development services. Services such as technical audits, penetration testing, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, advisory for national security policy development are covered in our consultancy services.

Q: What is a managed security service?
Cyber threats are on the rise and growing in complexity. But, the economy is forcing organizations to drive down their operational costs while still maintaining an aggressive and proactive security posture. Sri Lanka CERT|CC will take care of security posture of your organization while you can focus on your business. Managed security services will be the best solution to address the cyber security issues in a cost effective manner.

Q: How can I report an incident?
Sri Lanka CERT|CC provides several channels to report an incident. You may fill the incident reporting form on our website, contact us through telephone, send us a fax or email us with the details of your incident.

Q: As a constituent what are the free services I am entitled to?

Our constituents are the government of Sri Lanka and the citizens of Sri Lanka.

  •   ✻  Responsive services (Remote support only)
  •   ✻  Incident Handling
  •   ✻  Awareness services (From our website & public media only)
  •   ✻  Technology watch
  •   ✻  Alerts
  •   ✻  Knowledgebase

Q: How will Sri Lanka CERT|CC make aware of a major incident?
Sri Lanka CERT|CC will disseminate information about the incident and the precautions that need to be taken, through all publicly accessible media. In addition, members will be entitled to receive.

Q: Does Sri Lanka CERT|CC help to resolve Social Media incidents?
Sri Lanka CERT|CC will only provide technical assistance to resolve social media incidents. Social media related harassments and misinformation are not considered as Cyber Security incidents. Sri Lanka CERT|CC will not cater for these types of issues. Victims are advised to take legal action through Sri Lanka Police in such situations.

Q: How does Sri Lanka CERT|CC handle incidents related to Gossip Websites?
Sri Lanka CERT|CC does not provide support to remove content from Gossip Websites. Also, we will not take any legal action against these websites. Sri Lanka CERT|CC does not block access to Websites.


Our Achievements

  •   ✻  July 2006, Establishment of Sri Lanka CERT Sri Lanka CERT was established as a subsidiary of ICTA.
  •   ✻  March 2008, became a member of APCERT Obtained the membership of Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Readiness Team which is a trusted contact network of computer security experts in the region whose aim is to improve awareness and competency in relation to computer security and to develop measures to deal with large-scale security incidents.
  •   ✻  June 2009, Became a member of FIRST Obtained the membership of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams which is an international body of trusted computer incident response teams who cooperatively handle computer security incidents and promote incident prevention programs.
  •   ✻  June 2014: Establishment of FINCSIRT With the involvement of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Bankers Association, Financial Sector Computer Security Incident Response Team was established for receiving, reviewing, processing and responding to computer security incidents affecting Banks and Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka.
  •   ✻  September 2015: State party to the Budapest Convention: Sri Lanka became a state party to the Council of Europe's Convention on Cybercrime (ETS 185 of 2001). This was a historic policy achievement, as Lanka became the first country in South Asia (the 2nd country after Japan, in Asia) to accede to the Convention.
  •   ✻  June 2016: Establishment of EDUCSIRT Established Computer Security Incident Response Team for Education sector for handling cyber security related incidents in the education sector, and providing training of ICT teachers.
  •   ✻  January 2018: Operational Independence Sri Lanka CERT obtained operational independence from ICTA to function directly under the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure, and Foreign Employment.
  •   ✻  July 2018: Launched National Information and Cyber Security Strategy Launched National Information and Cyber Security Strategy which is the Nation's first Information and Cyber Security Strategy.


Our International Collaboration

Sri Lanka CERT has established many international collaborations. MOUs have been signed with Japanese CERT (JPCERT|CC), Chinese CERT (CNCERT), and Korean Internet Security Agency (KISA) to work collaboratively in responding efficiently and effectively to cyber threats in the Asia Pacific Region. Moreover, as a member of the TSUBAME project of JPCERT, Sri Lanka CERT has set up sensors to collect, analyze and share Internet traffic data, in order to identify Internet threats in Sri Lanka and in the Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, Sri Lanka CERT worked with the ICTA's Legal Department on the Global Action Against Cybercrime Project (GLACY) of the Council of Europe.

Sri Lanka CERT also works with Commonwealth Office and the Council of Europe to enhance the cyber security eco-system in the country which has a significant impact on the other nations. Sri Lanka CERT is also a partner of International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., (ISC)2, and has partnered with ICANN, APNIC, ITU, IGF, and Facebook for creating a better cyber security ecosystem.



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