Bridging the Air- Gap- Vulnerabilities in Isolated Networks


Published on 2015-11-13

In network security, air gapping is a technique used to physically isolate a secure network from other networks such as the public Internet. Computer networks belonging to the military, life critical systems such as computers used in aviation, controls of nuclear power plants, industrial control systems etc. uses air gapping. However, incidents such as the Stuxnet virus attack questions the robustness of air-gap security. Many researchers have demonstrated the vulnerabilities in air-gap security including the possibility of data exfiltration using FM frequency signals. Security researchers from Cyber Security Labs at Ben-Gurion University in Israel challenged the assumption that data cannot leak outside of an isolated internal network. Visit the following URL to see a video demonstration of how they uses AirHopper malware and a mobile phone to access sensitive data from an isolated computer.


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