Sri Lanka CERT|CC has a new CEO

Published 2021-01-11

Air Cdre (Retd) Jayasiri Amarasena assumed his duties as the new Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka CERT|CC from 1st January 2021.

Foreign Minister outlines Sri Lanka's Digital Responses to COVID -19

Published 2020-07-07

Sri Lanka CERT|CC facilitates stakeholder discussion with NISC, Japan

Published 2018-11-13

Website defacements during the period 18-20 May 2018

Published 2018-05-21

EduCSIRT Training Programme

Published 2018-05-14

Awareness session for SOS parents

Published 2018-02-26

Cyber Forensics training for Law Enforcement officers

Published 2018-02-19

Trainings for Law Enforcement Officers

Published 2017-10-03

Information Security Quiz 2017 Winners

Published 2017-08-18

Trainings for District Child Development Committee Officers

Published 2017-08-17

Hacking Challenge 2017 Results

Published 2017-08-15

Awareness Programme on Information Security for Government Organization CIOs.

Published 2017-03-02

Hacking Challenge 2016 Results

Published 2016-10-11

Awareness Campaigns for SOS Children Villages in Sri Lanka

Published 2016-09-22

Panel Discussion on Cyber Security Challenges in Sri Lanka

Published 2016-08-23

Sri Lanka CERT|CC helps establish Tonga CERT

Published 2016-07-25

Bridging the Air- Gap- Vulnerabilities in Isolated Networks

Published 2015-11-13

Cyber Security Week 2015- Be united..Be Secure...

Published 2015-06-25

FLAME - The New Cyber Threat

Published 2012-07-01

Is you computer infected with DNSChanger?

Published 2012-06-01


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