Case Studies


Case Study: “Calling Home?”

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, at 2:00PM, we received a call from Nalaka, the System Administrator at a Government Department providing a critical service to citizens. He informed us that the Department was experiencing a network slowdown. According to him, the firewall logs showed blocked connection attempts which were generated by hosts within the Department network pointing towards some specific IP addresses outside the Department network. [ Download full document as a pdf ]


Case Study: “The Worm – Episode 1”

A warm Tuesday Afternoon, 2:00PM; the team had just finished lunch, and settled back to work. A phone rang, and was promptly answered. It was a senior official in Charge of IT at a Government Department, which delivers a very important service to the citizens of Sri Lanka. The Department had an Application Server running an extremely Critical Application, which processed hundreds of requests a day. We were informed that the Critical Application had become non-operational a few days earlier, and that a large number of service recipients had begun to queue outside the Office as a result. This event had begun to affect the productivity of the Department due to non-availability of a critical service; an indication of the possibility that this might be an incident, but we needed further information to verify that this could not be just an event such as a software bug, or memory problem. [ Download full document as a pdf ]


Case Study: “SMS Phone Scam”

Today, SMS is an integral part of communication – which includes news alerts, personnel otifications,etc. Recently hackers have added SMS to their growing arsenal. SMS contains a messagecongratulating you on winning a lottery and provide a call back number and/or a website link[ Download full document as a pdf ]


Case Study: “Hacking of Facebook Accounts - Are you a victim...?”

Facebook has become a favourite meeting place for people to keep in touch with friends on-line. As a result, millions of people (both young and old) are on Facebook,so much so that if you are not on Facebook it’s like you don’t belong to the modern tech-savvy society! In recent times however Facebook has also become a favourite hunting ground for internet hackers resulting in people with malicious intent searching for their victims within the Facebook network.[ Download full document as a pdf ]



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