With the growth of technology, the majority of us extensively rely on digital devices and the Internet to operate and improve our quality of life and/or businesses. We depend on these devices and technologies to process, store and transfer data resulting a large amount of information being generated, accumulated and distributed through electronic means. It also enables various types of criminal or fraudulent activities to be carried out using digital devices and technological means, therefore, securing these data/information has become a challenging task. In such criminal or fraudulent activities digital forensics comes into play as an aid to unveil the incident.

Sri Lanka CERT | CC digital forensics team has been offering the service since year 2010 and has most experienced digital forensics investigators. We are equipped with globally acceptable tools and we adhere to globally recognized digital forensics procedures.

Sri Lanka CERT | CC currently offers digital forensics investigation services for two types of clients;
A. Sri Lanka Police, as per the request of Sri Lankan Court of Law
  • Sri Lanka CERT | CC offers digital forensic services with the authority of Payment Devices Frauds Act, No. 30 of 2006(link)
  • According to Payment Devices Frauds Act, No. 30 of 2006, The Minister can, by order published in the Gazette appoint a panel of experts to assist the police in all investigation into an offence under this Act.
  • In the year 2010, under the extraordinary gazette No. 1677/26 (link), the President of Sri Lanka appointed Sri Lanka CERT|CC as one of the members of the above panel of experts.
  • Sri Lanka CERT | CC had been successfully conducted hundreds of digital forensics investigations to assist the Police during last ten years.
B. Private/Public Sector Organizations
  • Sri Lanka CERT | CC offers extensive expertise, covering a vast area of digital forensics investigations. The team had been successful in handling a wide range of digital forensics investigations for both private and public sector organizations.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka CERT | CC conducts digital forensics training programs and technical workshops for both local and international audiences. Sri Lanka CERT | CC has successfully conducted vast amount of tailor-made digital forensics training programs for public and private sector organization based on client requirements.

Some of the digital forensics training programs and technical workshops conducted by Sri Lanka CERT | CC include:
  • Diploma programs conducted for the officers of Sri Lanka Police with the National Police Academy.
  • Digital forensics training programs conducted for Bar Association of Sri Lanka.
  • Digital forensics training program and technical workshop conducted for Bhutan National CERT.
  • Digital forensics training programs conducted for APCERT and APNIC communities.