Sri Lanka CERT | CC was established as Sri Lanka’s National CERT by the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) in the year 2006. The main reason for establishing CERT was to address the potential increase of cyber security incidents because of the rapid growth Sri Lanka’s IT infrastructure. It is registered as a Private Limited Liability Company and Sri Lanka CERT|CC presently serves under the Ministry of Technology.

Sri Lanka CERT | CC is mandated with the task of protecting Sri Lanka’s Constituency, both by reacting to attacks and by proactively strengthening defences against potential attacks.


“To be Sri Lanka’s flagship organization and trusted source of advice on threats and vulnerabilities to Information Systems through proactive prevention and effective action.”


To be the single and the most trusted point of contact for Information Security in Sri Lanka.

To protect Information Technology users in the Public and Private Sector Organizations and the General Public by providing up-to-date information on potential threats and vulnerabilities and by undertaking computer emergency response handling services.

To Act as the most authoritative national source for all ICT security related issues across the nation.

Link with other CERTS and CSIRTS around the world to share the knowledge and know-how relating to Information Security.