Cyber Security Quiz

Information Security Quiz Competition For University Students

Date & Venue : 18 th August 2017 from 8.00 a.m - 2.00 p.m l Lavender Room, BMICH, Colombo 7

Registration Rules

1.This competition is open only to students of Universities and Tertiary education institutes.
2.An institute or university can be represented by more than one team. The teams would be registered on first come basis.
3.A team comprises of three members including a team leader.
4.A maximum number of 20 teams will be registered for the competition.
5.The applications must be endorsed by the institute or university.

The panel of judges will be comprised of three independent professionals. Their decision would be the final decision.

The eight rounds will be based on the following domains
1. Basic security concepts
2. Cloud security and Privacy
3. Security Tools
4. General Network Security Technologies
5. Physical and environmental Security
6. Cryptography
7. Laws and Standards related to Computer Security
8. Software Development and Security

Competition Rules

1.During the competition no team can discuss with the other team/teams. This would result in immediate disqualification.
There can be discussion within a team but they must ensure the other teams are not disturbed.
2.The team leader must hand over the completed answer sheet at the end of each round.
3.For each question 60 seconds will be provided to understand and answer the question on the given paper. No additional time will be provided for any question.
4.At the end of each round each team’s performance will be updated on the screens. A winning team is selected at each round.
5.In case where there is a tie between the top scoring teams, an additional round of questions will be given and each team will go through these additional questions until one team scores higher.
6.The participants of this competition should refrain from bringing or using electronic devices during the competition. Any form of cheating would result in immediate disqualification.

Some Facts About the Competition

20 Teams

15+ Higher Education Institutes and Universities

1 Champion

Sample Questions & Answers

Making sure that the data is accessible when and where it is needed is which of the following?
A – Confidentiality
B – Integrity
C – Acceptability
D - Availability
What is the number one concern about cloud computing?
A – Too expensive
B – Security concerns
C – Too many platforms
D - Accessibility
White hat hacker, who identifies a security weakness in a computer system or network but, instead of taking malicious advantage of it, exposes the weakness in a way that will allow the system's owners to fix the breach before it can be taken advantage by other.
IPsec is designed to provide the security at the
A – Transport layer
B – Network layer
C – Application layer
D - Session layer
Which of the following is the most commonly used physical deterrent?
A – Fencing
B – Locks
D - Security guards
In asymmetric key cryptography, the private key is kept by
A – Sender
B – Receiver
C – Sender and receiver
D - All the connected devices to the network
The Computer Crime Act deals primarily with computer related crimes and hacking offences. Name the Computer Crime Act of Sri Lanka
Computer Crime Act No 24 of 2007

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